Talking Tapware

This week we are talking tapware, more specifically, the amazing Brodware.  Having over fifty years of experience, the Brodware design team brings impeccable style and superior craftsmanship to bathrooms, kitchens and discerning spaces globally. The company take their ‘made in Australia’ commitment very, seriously which is why they so are proud to still, be designing, engineering and manufacturing our products in Australia. 


Brodware understand how important it is that their customers enjoy their bathroom; it’s a place to can relax, unwind and delight in your own personal time. They skilfully unite genuine materials, expert detailing, exquisite proportion and artisanal craftsmanship to create a personalised and luxurious bathroom environment. Brodware tapware, fittings and accessories are the dynamic, three-dimensional forms that deliver elegant silhouettes, detail and meaning to the space. 


Brodware work with the finest designers across a wide range of aesthetic inspirations to create an assortment of beautiful products, which are also very functional. From old world elegance to modern organics, our quest to meet our clients’ every need sees them innovatively challenging the boundaries of bathroom design.

IMG_3390.JPG#asset:1195Bronte Beach House by Arent & Pyke studio. Image by Felix Forest.

As an Australian luxury bathroomware manufacturer, Brodware helps create truly unique environments and experiences, with numerous selections allowing for special customisation options. As individual elements are layered throughout a space, Brodware products bridge multiple styles and please the most discerning eye. The result: a place where functional living is as personal as it is sophisticated.


Brodware have a comprehensive selection of over 20 collections, featuring 40-plus different finishes present untold options for any space you design, you can check them out at or on Instagram @brodware. All images supplied by Brodware.