Selecting the right COLORBOND® steel product and profile for your home.


Re-roofing your home or choosing the roof for a new house represents an important investment for your home. It is a component often overlooked by many but it is one of the first choices you should make and it also dictates the aesthetics of the rest of the choices. Your roof should also improve your home’s aesthetic appearance and property value. So, what do you need to consider when you need to make this important decision?

Here are my guidelines to help you decide on the perfect COLORBOND® steel product for your project.

  • Speak to a design or colour consultant
  • Consider your Architecture
  • Climate and thermal performance
  •  Interior Colours
  • The Shades of COLORBOND® steel

We worked closely with BlueScope colour consultant, Alison Fenton, to select the perfect colour and profile for our project. As the roof is visible externally and internally we mixed the profiles to create interest and selected the colour Basalt® from the COLORBOND® steel Matt range as it is softer and subtle. It’s great to get another set of eyes on your project, we even involved our architect to ensure we were all happy with the choice

While most forms of architecture don’t dictate your roof colour choices, they can influence how well colours suit your home. Our build is modern, accenting all the angles of the property so a darker colour enhancing the form was the right choice. Another consideration when choosing your roof is that you may want to blend in with your surroundings. For example, if you are in a coastal area, you may want a shade that is much lighter. For our current project we wanted to work with the tall gumtrees surrounding the property and selected a darker colour to enhance that. If you aren’t sure which colours look best with your architecture, look up some pictures of similar homes to narrow down your options.



The colour of your roof can affect the temperature of your home’s interior. Think about your climate as you consider roofing colours. Light colours, including white, tan and light grey, reflect light, which can keep your home from heating up as quickly in the summer.

Dark colours, including traditional navy blues and forest greens, absorb sunlight and can keep heat contained in your home during the winter.In saying that though, COLORBOND® steel is tried and tested to be able to endure Australia’s harshest conditions, making it an extremely durable product for the Australian climate.


You want each element of your home’s appearance to feel like part of a unified whole. So, when you choose your exterior colours, think about the colours already present in your home. Echo the colour mood exhibited in your internal spaces. This little consideration can make your home feel that much more welcoming and pleasing to the eye. Prepare a material board for both internal and external to assess if this is all working together cohesively.


4. Consider your surroundings and Neighbourhood Trends

 Property value can shift due to a wide variety of factors, including how well your home fits into your neighbourhood. While you should choose a roof colour according to your own preferences, you should also pay attention to your neighbourhood’s trends, especially if you plan to sell in the future.  A roof that fits in with the other homes on your block could make your house look like a more appealing investment to potential buyers.Another consideration when choosing your roof is that you may want to blend in with your surroundings.  


Choose the shade of COLORBOND® steel for your roof that best complements your home’s exterior colour scheme. While it does not need to be the exact same colour, it should blend well with the existing exterior colour without clashing. If your overall scheme is fairly light, assess a sample of roofing with some paint colour samples to see how the roof blends. Generally, a darker exterior would be best suited to a darker roof, but not necessarily an exact match. I prefer to select the roof colour first and build up from there, it’s a great place to start.

Making a feature out of your roof made from COLORBOND® steel is a design choice you will enjoy making. Considering all the elements the roofing choice impacts, COLORBOND® steel have the colours to provide you with even more opportunities to realise your design vision. 

*We teamed up with BlueScope to bring you this blog. COLORBOND®, BlueScope and ® colour name are registered trade marks of BlueScope Steel Limited.