Renovations...what you need to know


Image Steph Brown

Straight up I am going to be really honest here. You will spend more than you think. I have not completed one renovation to date that hasn’t gone over budget, even by just a few hundred dollars.

No matter how hard you try to stick to that figure on your spreadsheet, there will be something that comes up that will tip your budget onto the heavier side of the scale. Just like a trip to the supermarket, you never come out with exactly what you went in for resulting in a few less zeros in the bank. Despite your best efforts, every reno runs into unforeseen costs.

When budgeting for our own renovations or consulting with clients on a realistic costing, I always say that you need to allow 20% of your budgetto go towards a contingency fund. You know to help pay for the rotten beams meant to be supporting your house when you strip it back! This covers unforeseen costs, extra trades you may need to hire and maybe even that stunning brass tap you can’t stop thinking about?



Planning layouts for our Robert Street Renovation

Renovations are a family affair for us. We do our own projects as a married couple and over the years it has tested our relationship. Not having a clear design plan in mind, unreliable trades and money woes can really put the brakes on things and sometimes you can turn to each other for someone to blame. Do your best to keep the end goal in mind when arguments come up during the reno journey. Planning to budget to have a professional aid in the process to be smooth sailing is a smart idea. We take on various jobs at all different stages form concept development to hand over to you to complete yourself or we can complete the whole design and renovation for you. 

Like a parent with a new born baby, the renovation is all you’ll be talking about. The perfect feature tile will become the bane of your existence. Deciding between 25,000 white paint shades will be the most exciting news you’ll want totell your friends about. Fun fact though, they probably won’t care! But we do!! Hiring an interior designer is actually really fun. They are sharing your passion project and are full of ideas and contacts you didn’t even know existed. At Nectaar, we are we work on projects ranging from one month to twelve months so we are welcoming to establishing strong relationships with our clients.

But if going it alone is something you want to tick off your bucket list than my advice is plan, plan and more planning! You will never be fully prepared for the experience but preparation is key to make it a fun ride and the completed product and sense of accomplishment will give you the bug to do it all over again!



Robert Street Renovation Before and After