Planning for the perfect nursery

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A lot of mums put pressure on themselves to craft the perfect nursery. The first months and years of a baby’s growth can shape them in so many ways for good. Providing them with a space that they can maximise their development and growth is important...but we all want it to look awesome too! 

You need to really decide what it is that you want the nursery to inspire and nurture for your baby. Don't leave yourself out of the equation either as you will be spending a lot of time in there with bubs so the design needs to be for you too. The goal is to create a serene environment but also simultaneously help your child play, create, imagine and wonder. 

There are so many ways to tackle a nursery design.Some people are inspired by a single colour, others a whole space and for those really brave parents themed nurseries can be amazing too! Decide initially if simplicity is what you are striving to achieve or if an over-decorated and heavily themed design is more your style. Always keep in mind you are creating a space that works for them at one month, one year and beyond without needing to create drastic overhauls to follow suit so consider all your choices.

Here’s a list of 5 things I put at the top of my list when crafting the perfect nursery

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1. Lighting: for your little ones, lighting must be flexible. You’ll need to be able to enhance it as required, but also block it out for restful sleeps. If this is your first baby you will realise soon enough how receptive they can be to light and how creating a 'sleepy' environment can really alter their sleeping patterns. I tend to add fun lighting options like fairy lights or beautiful lamps/night lights to give some soft lighting which you can use with or without natural light.

2. Art: This can really dictate the feel of the room. When considering artwork for any space you need to think about its longevity. Is this a piece that you want to keep in the childs room for years to come? I like to think of artwork as a hero piece, so this can dictate your colour theme for the room.

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3. Nursing Chair: For nursing comfort, a mum’s best friend is a great nursing chair. Something deep and comfortable that one could recline in for as long as needed. Think aesthetics as well as function in achieving luxury here.

4. Cot: This will be the key furniture item for this room. Selecting the best cot is all about ensuring comfort, saftey and the best night’s rest achievable for your baby. They come in so many varieties. I recommend a flexible, sturdy and high-quality investment here in case there are plans for more children to come. Also see if the cot you are considering can be converted into a toddler bed for down the track.

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