Nicks Place X National Tiles Bathroom Bliss

Designing four bathrooms for one project might sound like hard work for some but we joined forces with the National Tiles team to create something extra special, we knew we were in safe hands. We couldn't have been happier to partner with them for Nicks Place, such a helpful and knowledgeable team which resulted in some of our most favourite bathrooms ever.


When you begin to design your bathroom, it’s really crucial to have an overall look and feel for your home in mind, its very easy to get carried away particularly with the amount of choices available with tiles, its a little overwhelming! But when you have a considered design concept to refer to and cross check your choices against this along the way it makes the process exciting and seamless.

“Creating a material board ensures you are on the right track for a cohesive look and feel.” 


We like to choose two to three tiles for each bathroom and make a conscious decision to incorporate similar finishes in each space to link them together. Think about your tapware choices and carry them through to all wet areas. Similarly with lighting, basins, mirrors or a feature tile you can connect your spaces subtlety so that it builds a beautiful narrative and grounds your design concept. 


“Create interest in you bathroom by exploring movement with the layout.”

Our choice of tiles for the master suite centred around that incredible Aria sage tile that we have used in the sexiest curved shower you have seen! To accentuate the curve, natural light and elongate the grandness we opted to mix two different lengths in tiles.

This is our show pony, we wanted all eyes on this area and that’s why we added a skylight above to shine lots of natural light. For the rest of the bathroom we used a larger format (insert grey tile name) in a muted grey colour that perfectly balances the sage green of that shower tile and adds a real zen like calmness to the space. 


“Get samples of your feature tile and lay them on the floor to ensure you are happy with the patterns and lines.”

The way you lay your tiles is a really important consideration so make sure you speak to your tiler in advance as there are costs associated with how much labour is involved. We have chosen an offset vertical stack for our subway, its really modern and textural and together with the curved wall gives that sexy 70’s look we are after. 


When it came to the main bathroom in Nicks place, we have used a large format 1200 x 600, Mexicana silver for a seamless look and less grout lines. We used this on the floor and all walls, apart from the bath feature wall. For the feature wall we fell in love with these denim Japanese Mosaic tiles , they are the perfect backdrop to our concrete bath and a stand out feature in this space. We have kept the colour palette simple here by again choosing just two tiles but they compliment each other beautifully and provide a timeless elegance. 

“Chose a subtle pattern for your large format tile to really enhance your feature tile.”

For House 1 we injected plenty of terrazzo to turn up the heat on all that 70’s nostalgia. In the master bathroom we have used Elegante Pebble on the floor and half wall and a Prague mosaic, matte white on the remaining wall. We drew inspiration from that darker fleck to bring bold pops of black throughout the master suite for a more masculine look.


Using a half wall is a great trick for adding a designer element to your bathroom, it really helps to make each tile selection pop as your eye is focused on the line separating them and the visual appeal is powerful especially when you pair a punchy terrazzo.


The main bathroom in House 1 is another homage to the 70’s with a softer terrazzoelegante Nimbus again on the floor and half wall and a white finger tile on the other walls. 

We have used a stone feature wall from Consentino to ground that concrete bath area but we feel these three colours accentuate each other perfectly and this space is super calming. The finger tiles are larger in size than those we have seen a lot lately and we feel they add a level of depth to the space and draw the eye to that beautiful vanity area with the curved light and mirror. 


“Being cohesive doesn't mean you have to pick the same tile for each bathroom, match the finish and explore different colours.”

As you can see, in each house there is a similar story to connect the bathrooms but they each have their own wow factor. We don't like to create too many rules when designing a bathroom, it's meant to be fun and show your personality more than anything.

But consider mood boarding some bathrooms on Pinterest before your start selecting your tiles. you will find a common theme appears and once you identify that this “look” is what consistently appeals to you, then you know you wont make any mistakes when selecting your tiles and you will love your bathroom forever. 

You can see the bathrooms up close and personal at the Nicks Place Open Day on August 17th 2019. You can book your tickets to secure your place here! All money raised on the day will be donated to @mcgrathfoundation to honour our beautiful mums.