Nicks Place, developing the overall look with COLORBOND® steel


While most people might look at this structure and immediately plan to knock it down, we always saw the hidden potential. With strong bones and a lifetime of treasured memories, the renovation not only spoke to us on a sentimental level, but it was an inspiring challenge to explore the method of renovation for adaptive reuse of a property. We decided it was time to work our magic and bring this property back to life. 


Just like Nick and Dafni took that empty plot of land and built their family home over 40 years ago, George and I decided that together we could completely renovate and re-imagine the site. Without demolishing too much of the original structure, our plan was to transform the vintage brick house into two spectacular state-of-the-art townhouses. With modern design features not usually seen in the average home, this was a renovation of a different kind. The intent was to bring this property into the 21st century, while still paying respect to its history, beautiful landscape and our own sentimentality at the heart of the project. The ultimate goal was to once again make this home the best property on the street. 


We knew the existing angles of the structure would pose the most challenges for us during the build but in the end, it has turned out to be aesthetically pleasing internally and externally. The property sits on a sloped land overlooking the Maribyrnong river and being a National Park, we don’t expect that there will ever be houses across the road. This gives Nick’s Place uninterrupted views of the stunning Australian bush landscape. With the slope and angles of the property, the roof made from COLORBOND® steel is visible from some of the rooms within the home. When working through the external architectural and interior design, we felt it was important to be considerate of this outlook and work with a palette that complemented it.  



The first selection we made was the roof made from COLORBOND® steel . Selecting the right colour and finish is essential as the first step as this is a key to get the remainder of the selections for paint/render colours, window frames and even the paint colour of your front door right. I like to address all these materials together as a collective to ensure they are cohesive. With the beautiful bushland landscape, I felt COLORBOND® steel Matt in the colour Basalt® was the perfect choice for this project. It was a deep enough colour to enhance the greenery around the property and soft enough to be able to carry this colour or a variation of it through the interiors. With the houses having so many different angles, directions and exterior walls, picking something with a little bit of depth and interest in terms of the profile was important. 

The roof is one of the largest fixed elements of a home and deciding its colour can be a challenging process for any home owner or renovator. Because of this, it is a decision that should be made first, building the materials palette around this colour choice. The profile and pitch of the roof as well as the location of the house should all be considered when choosing its colour as it may play a substantial role in the overall look of the home. 




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