Haymes - Volume 11: Colour Conscience

Haymes Paint has unveiled its latest colour forecast, Volume 11: Colour Conscience.

It consists of three indicative palettes or “themes” and the trends forecast explores how colour can encourage people to live in a positive and responsible way and also evoke a positive and clearer state of mind.

The themes are carefully curated and considered, with the underlying thoughts around how colour impacts our mood to elevate, motivate and regenerate. Haymes themes embody the ultimate goal in being mindful of the choices we make and how they contribute to the way we live. 

Along with embracing the colours in your home on your walls, to evoke the full feeling of a feel-good-forecast, I have paired the themes with some mood boards to help you to be inspired by colour.

You can check out the full forecast here


“The cohabitate pallete is light, airy and breezy, offering the perfect introduction of colour that is both invigorating and uplifting . Covering many varied hues from the spectrum that are refreshing and, the ultimate alternative to traditionally recognised neutrals.”

Haymes Colour Forecast20189004 Gemmola
Haymes Colour Forecast20189142 Gemmola Lr
Haymes Colour Forecast20189072 Gemmola Lr
Screen Shot 2018 10 24 At 2 55 02 Pm


“This palette offers creatives ideas using colour, texture and mixed materials in a way that not only looks great but showcases how design can incorporate a more sustainable and responsible contribution to the environment. The colours are monochromatic – the introduction of wood tones and dark greys, deep browns and mid tone neutrals build the perfect back drop for an inspired kitchen space.”

Haymes Colour Forecast201832811 Gemmola Lr
Haymes Colour Forecast201833006 Gemmola Lr
Screen Shot 2018 10 24 At 3 17 32 Pm


“Encouraging calm and a slowing of the senses, these darker intense tones and complex colour combinations absorb the light for a quieter feel, whilst injecting a warmth and softness to interior spaces. The combination inspires the perfect “colour cocoon” full of rich colours and a play on the senses. Varied textures and finishes offer a sense of security and wellbeing. A space that slows us down from the hectic everyday pace and offers the perfect retreat.”

Haymes Colour Forecast20189192 Gemmola Lr
Haymes Colour Forecast20189318 Gemmola
Haymes Colour Forecast20189403 Gemmola
Screen Shot 2018 10 24 At 3 20 59 Pm
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