Getting away for a slow Sunday


With the Christmas break around the corner and our renovation, business and kids keeping us as busy as ever we realised we needed a slow Sunday. Almost like the calm before the storm, because you and I both know Christmas isn’t really a break! 

We decided to pack our Ford Escape St-Line and take the family out for a day trip out to the coast for some scooter fun and ice cream. We timed the trip so Lenny could have a nice cosy nap in the car.  To keep Archie at bay during the drive we packed a bag of goodies and snacks, although he was loving counting the animals as we past the farms on the drive there. Lenny did stir with the drive down but I was able to get in the back to resettle him by sitting comfortably between the boys for the remainder of the drive. 



Now that Archie is big enough to survive walking outside of the pram we thought it was a great opportunity to get him more confident on his scooter. We headed down to Torquay beach for some fish and chips and some fun in the sun. Our Ford Escape ST-Line is perfect for a young busy family like ours. With features like hands free boot opening and keyless entry it means when I have my hands full I am still able to manage. 

We unloaded the pram, a picnic blanket, Archie’s scooter, helmet and some lunch from the boot and headed down to the beach. It was such a nice day playing on the sand, enjoying ice cream and fish and chips and also enjoying some impromptu sight seeing too! 



Most of the drive home on the freeway we set the cruise control and listened to some down time music while the boys, both exhausted from the days adventures had an afternoon nap in the car. We think we are going to do this ‘Slow Sunday’ thing more often! 


Here are some tips and tricks on how we survive long drives with the boys:

  • Music! Our Ford Escape ST-Line has Apple CarPlay option, so it easily syncs to my phone and I am able to play all The Wiggles I need to be able to keep the boys at ease, I then put ‘downtime music’ on when it’s time to sleep.
  • The SatNav helps to get us on the road without a fuss and without missing any turn-offs.
  • Pack lots of snacks. When Lenny dozes off but we need Archie to keep the volume down we keep a bag of snacks and flip up his snack tray on the back of the driver seat (which even has a drink holder) so he can snack away.
  • When driving on the freeways, we take full advantage of the cruise control function. It makes the drive easier.
  • The Ford Escape ST-Line has so many family-friendly features, like heaps of storage for our many toys
  •  Optional features like the hands-free tailgate is a godsend when I have my hands full. Just one swipe of my foot underneath the tailgate of the car and the boot opens automatically!

This post was brought to you by Ford Australia