Escaping with Ford

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2018 is a huge year for us, new baby, new house and brand new car!

When we found out we were having another baby I knew we were going to need something bigger to get us around as a family. With kids comes a lot of excess things you have to lug around…prams, nappy bags, extra shopping, porta cots -- the list goes on and on! One thing that is important to me is being able to get out and about with my toddler and my baby with ease, especially when I’m solo parenting!  Anything to make a mum’s life easier is a win-win!

Our search began for a new vehicle and after a lot of trialling and testing we decided the Ford Escape Titanium was the model for us. The Escape offers all the little extras our family needs not only for day-to-day life, but for family getaways and the day-to-day running of our business too. 

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We currently have multiple properties we are renovating on-the-go. Our labour of love project is our family beach shack in Apollo Bay, along the Great Ocean Road. The home offers a full acre of farmland overlooking the mountains and beautiful ocean, and we see it as the place cherished memories will be made, a place for our family and extended family to come and enjoy whenever we feel like we need a break from life! We were pumped to take our new Ford Escape for the journey and some quality family time as we prepared to become a family of four.

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George and I honestly were sold on the car after our test drive. What we were looking at were safety features, and the Escape proudly has a 5-Star safety rating and offers additional Driver Assist Technologies to help driving in stressful situations. It’s also extremely economical on fuel consumption with auto stop/start technology which you don’t really notice turn on and off whilst driving. Whenever you lift your foot off the brake, the car starts automatically, which is great when you are stuck at lights or bumper-to-bumper traffic.

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The entertainment system is fantastic, with voice recognition, full colour touch screen and Apple CarPlay, but my favourite features are actually the things that make my life simple as a mum. The boot can be opened with a wave of your foot under the tailgate -- so handy when you have your hands full of shopping! The glass power-opening panoramic sun roof is a hit with little Archie who enjoys watching the sky, especially when it rains! Behind each driver seat is a fold-down snacks tray where Archie can enjoy a snack in the car and a spot to put his drink. This feature, as small as it is, has been a godsend for us. Archie use to yell “Mummy!” until I fondled through my bag to pass him a snack, which 9/10 times, would end up on the floor!

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We set out on a recent adventure to Apollo Bay comfortably, ready for a weekend of fun at the beach and rainforest, as well as some renovating at the shack.  It was some much needed bonding time as a family, our last trip as a family of three before we welcome another beautiful boy in the coming weeks. It was also our first big trip with our Ford Escape and we’re now really excited to announce our partnership with Ford. We’re looking forward to more family adventures, new projects to tackle and getting out (and maybe a little muddy) in the great outdoors.


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