Art to Art x Nick's Place: How we found the perfect art for our build.

Earlier this year, founders of Nectaar Bec & George Douros completed a monster of a project and renovated George's family home in Avondale Heights, transforming a beautiful brick home built in the '70s into two bright and modern townhouses. 

Art to Art were one of the amazing suppliers that Bec and George worked with to fill the empty walls of the newly renovated townhouses. Selecting art can sometimes feel overwhelming, as you want to make sure you invest in something timeless that works well with your space. Bec said “working with Art to Art to source the perfect artwork for our project was a fun and easy process. The artwork has been a focal point in driving the interior design choices for the homes. I love that our homes are filled with Australian talent and that we have given them a platform to showcase their work. I can’t wait to work with Art to Art on our next project”.


‘Blue and Green Should Always be Seen’ COLLEEN GUINEY/ 90 x 90cm/ Mixed media on primed board/ Raw Tassie Oak frame.

We sat down with Phillippa from Art to Art to pick her brain about the selection process and working alongside Bec to find the perfect art for Nick’s Place.

Did Bed & George give you a brief for the project? Or any requirements?

Yes absolutely, Art to Art received a written project brief which gave us a great idea of the extent of the renovation, type of materials to be used with mood boards indicating fixtures and finishes together with colour swatches. Together, Bec and Art to Art met on site to walk through the renovation of both townhouses to ascertained the rooms which required art and the themes for each of the rooms. Bec spoke about the colour palettes, her thoughts on key pieces of furniture, textures and the general mood she was wanting to portray for each of the spaces. We spoke together about the scale and orientation of each piece. 


‘Martian’ MAEGAN BROWN/ 1.25 x 1.25m/ Customed Limited Edition Raw Tassie Oak frame. 

What was the process of selecting the artworks for the project? 

From the above, Art to Art measured the walls in each of the rooms and took photos. We then conveyed this information into a presentation of our own and recommended various works proportionately in the space. From this we were able to finalise each work well ahead of time so that each piece fitted perfectly within the environment. A second site visit ensured the artworks were free from any obstructions including power points, drapes etc… an area that sometimes gets over looked when considering art placement.


‘Storm at Midnight’ CHLOE PLANINSEK/ 2.4 x 1.2 m/ Acrylic on canvas Black Oak frame.

At what stage of the design process would you recommend selecting artwork for your space?

The earlier the better! A room can be expertly planned if you know what will be featured on the walls. It can tie an entire room together effortlessly. Couches, soft furnishings, drapes, Manchester, flooring etc… can all be drawn from art. Art tells people who you are and what interests you. It gives life and personality to any home. It kills us when this is often the last consideration of a home but as Bec and George are well versed in interiors, they understood the importance of choosing art early and so exciting to work with professionals with that vision.


 ‘Wet Forest’ KATE DEBBO / 1.2 x 1.2m/ Oil and acrylic on canvas Raw Tassie Oak frame

What advice would you give to someone wanting to purchase a piece of art for their ‘forever home’?

We always recommend that people buy art that they cannot imagine living without. Something that they instantly fall in love with. We also recommend buying original and when in doubt go bigger for more impact if you are working with a large living area or big walls.


‘Swing Bridge II’ BOB SINCLAIR / 91 x 91 cm/ Mixed media on canvas, framed in raw oak. 

The artwork selected for Nicks Place is all very different, but is still cohesive throughout the houses. How did you achieve this? 

Bec and Art to Art were conscious that the renovation was a modern take on the existing 70’s home and the colours were drawing on those elements like the original brick work (e.g. the series of hallway artworks by Jess Merlo), the Aussie bushland (as per the commissioned artwork by Jenny Fusca of the native banksias, see her original mood board attached) and warmth of timber (as seen in the photographic work by Maegan Brown with its rustic tones in the bedroom). Bec was open to many different styles and artists, both photographic and original art which really made for an eclectic collection. We believe it’s always good to keep people guessing when it comes to a home collection and variety is the key. We hope you agree that the outcome speaks for itself.


‘View Towards the Garden’ KATE DEBBO / 2.3 x 1.5m/ Oil and acrylic on canvas.

If you are looking for that amazing 'wow' piece of art for your home, you can take a closer look at the full Art to Art range at or on instagram @arttoart_.