Adairs Spring edit... give me all the SAGE

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Not only is Spring my absolute favourite time of year because of the stunning weather, spring fashion and the fact I can hang my washing out to dry on the clothes line but it is my favourite time of year to do the classic “Spring clean” That’s re vamping all the bedrooms with a fresh new look. Adairs has seriously hit the nail on the head with their Spring edit and I am so thrilled to be working alongside a company that I genuinely love all their products. It’s no easy feat going in store to do these edits because I am absolutely spoilt for choice!!

There were so many ways this edit could have gone to be honest, because as I said I was so spoilt for choice with options. There is a huge array of STUNNING bright linens with pops of colour and prints. The jungle theme paired with relaxed rattan furniture was actually my go to choice but I had to be conscious of the room I am styling, as it is currently the guest room where my hubby George is sleeping due to early work wake ups. That being said I used him as my case study and I wanted to create something inviting for him. George is your classic Mr tangible, he is all about how things feel. So I took this on board and also drew on what I love about Spring, nature to bring to you my edit!

I have one word for you. SAGE. It is actually the most delicious spring colour going around and there are so many variations in the depth of the colour in store at the moment that it just made the perfect palette. I paired layers of sage colour tones with white and ivory textured linens and boy oh boy did it come together a treat! I needed to get some timber warm tones in there and decided to incorporate some of the stunning rattan range into the look and it just completed it beautifully. I actually styled this up in store because I am such a visual person and there were some shoppers who loved the look so much they took it home too! That’s what this is all about people, getting inspired by texture and colour to create something beautiful in your home that you are happily going to spend time in. Safe to say George was over the moon with the look and said he just might keep staying in the guest bedroom.

Here is the completed look for you but head on over to or even better head in store to check out the new Spring range!

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