A Closer Look: Kimmy Hogans Latest Collection

Kimmy Hogan is an artist, graphic designer and mother of three young boys. Her latest collection features five amazing pieces ‘Splendour’, ‘Goldie’, ‘Flourish’, ‘Dawn’ and ‘Dusk’. We had the pleasure of chatting to Kimmy about the new five-piece collection. “This collection for me was about experimentation, exploring more abstract shapes and compositions, trying new techniques and really letting my lines go loose and messy… and as such, came from a place of pure joy.”


Digital artist Kimmy Hogan with artwork 'Goldie' in the background.

Kimmy has a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design and worked in the commercial industry for over ten years, but her true passion has always been art and home interiors. “As a digital artist my goal was to show evidence of human touch. My drawings are created with ‘hand motion’ digitally and the addition of scribbles and texture puts my personal touch on these works. It is the evidence of human touch that gives an artwork a soul” says Hogan.

Dawn5.jpg#asset:1795"Dawn" pictured above.

Nectaar Interior Designer, Rebecca (Bec) Leijer was a style assistant on the photo shoot of the collection. She worked under the lead stylist Noel Coughlan and alongside fellow style assistant Jessica Retallack. The dream team also comprised of amazing photographer Cricket Saleh.

Bec stated that ‘it’s so inspiring to work on shoots like this, you meet amazing people from other areas of our industry, artists, photographers, stylists, get to work with so many beautiful pieces from suppliers you love and have the best fun while learning so much too.’

‘If shoot styling is the direction you want to go in your career, it’s the best way to get experience’ -Bec Leijer. Artwork 'Splendour' pictured above.

Collaborating on projects like this is a great way to build industry connections and gain hands on, practical experience. 'When you see the images at the end of the day it’s an amazing buzz, you realise what you have just witnessed being created by so many talented people” says Bec. “As a result of working on this shoot, I’ve also just ordered two of Kimmy’s pieces from this campaign for one of my current projects, so that has been a great outcome for everyone!”


Producing a collection like this doesn’t happen overnight, Kimmy says that it takes ‘several months to complete with a lot of back/forth between artworks to get them to all connect in some way.’ And as for the shoot day, Bec states that it was all hands-on deck bright and early. “We met at a beautiful house in Barwon Heads around 8.30am and started unloading about 6 cars and a van full of props and then Noël and Cricket mapped out the order of the shots that Noël had conceptualised. We moved through the house for the next 7 hours or so until it was time to pack everything away and leave the house back in its original order!”


Artwork 'Goldie' hanging above the fireplace.

You can check out the latest release of artwork here.

Find the dream team on insta:

Styling: Noël Coughlan (@ncinteriors) for Greenhouse Interiors (@greenhouseinteriors).
Style Assists: Rebecca Leijer (@leyer_td) and Jess Retallack (@jessretallack).
Photography: Cricket Saleh (@cricket_studio).