Spotswood Reno - Going...going....SOLD!

Friday, 31st March 2017

Spotswood Reno - Going...going....SOLD!

The hammer went down on our beloved Robert St renovation last week and it was truly a bitter sweet feeling! We were grateful our hard work was recognised and ultimately paid off. On the other hand, we were sad to actually say goodbye. So many memories and tears have been shared in that home.

The transformation of the old 1950’s home was pretty amazing and it’s not until we actually sat back and reflected on our before photos did we appreciate the scale of what we had achieved. I still remember sitting on the nature strip with George around 6 years ago mapping out the possibilities of what we could do on the back of my phone bill. I am very lucky to be married to someone that really gets inside my head and understands my crazy ideas.

The façade of the home was originally brown bricks, once we removed some of those bricks we discovered the original weatherboards behind it. To keep in true character of the area we decided to remove the bricks down to a footing and expose the weatherboards. To flow on from the open plan kitchen/living and dining we replaced the original fixed window with some french doors that open out onto the decking and landscaping.

The porch and front fence were George’s baby of the project. He really wanted to have a entrance that complimented the older character of the property while still reflecting a modern touch. The timber beams added some dimension, whilst the tiling detail and door profile kept within the 50’s character of the home. The white picket fence lined with white rose bushes added the perfect touch to the home to give it an accomplished and finished feel.

We absolutely adore this property!






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