my week with the Joolz day2 pram

Monday, 27th February 2017

my week with the Joolz day2 pram

Brought to you by Joolz Australia

Recently I did a call out to my Instagram family to help me with some ‘pram issues’ I was having.  Archie is tall for his age, has been since birth and has the biggest, craziest hair! Every morning we go for a stroll and I was finding he would constantly try to pull the sun visor back. I adjusted the height and even tried to recline him a little more but he just wouldn’t have it.

My all time favourite looking pram has always been the Joolz. It kind of reminds me of something from a Disney movie. Its classic design with accent designer features like beautiful leather detailing. I think a lot of people categorise it in the more ‘expensive’ end of the pram scale but it is also one of the best selling prams on the market. Joolz reached out to me to give their new Joolz Day 2 a test run to see if it was something that Archie would prefer. We have been trailing it for the last two weeks and here is how we went.

When I look back at my criteria for pram choosing whilst pregnant, I focused heavily on the storage size and if it converted to a double pram. Now that I am 16 months into this mothering gig I have realised there was a few points I may have overlooked. Archie has never been a pram sleeper. Once he was out of that bassinet attachment he has not slept in his pram once. Seriously not even once. You know how hard that is for me!? I literally have had to time every single outing around him taking his nap at home or in the car. That has involved extra trips through drive through and scenic tours of our neighbourhood.

Once approached by Joolz to review their prams I was keen to explore the differences in their product. Jools pride themselves on an ergonomically designed seat that feels like it hugs your child. It’s not a flat back but a full cushioned and supported seat and is also one of the longer seats on the market. The Joolz Day 2 has a large storage basket which is great for shopping trips. This new model has some new added features like at the top of the visor, there is a flap for better ventilation. This allows you access to keep an eye on your baby and to allow better air flow. The sun hood has an extra large flap that retracts and flips back, this is great to ensure you are shading bubs face. Also the tyres are puncher proof….so good for me especially because I am always walking to our renovations!

The pram is so easy to steer. It can be easily maneuverer with one hand and so light to push around. I felt really comfortable pushing it around and wait for it…..ARCHIE SLEPT IN IT. This could have been a coincidence as we were close to nap time but I was thrilled none the less. We went for a long walk to the park and after a play he fell asleep in the pram on the walk home. I ended up turning back and enjoying some down time in the sun at the park. The chair reclines all the way back, I think it was this feature as well as the ergonomic seat that clearly hit the spot for him.

Although the Joolz Day 2 doesn’t convert into a two seater pram if I have another baby soon their Geo does, so this is an option that would work for me. I am so happy I got the chance to review this pram for a couple of weeks, its so different than just pushing it around in the store. I encourage you to check it out as prams are not a one size fits all model, but you really need to find what works in with you, your child and your lifestyle.

Joolz Day 2 pram pictures is the ‘Day2 earth’ in Elephant Grey

Joolz Day 2 $1869 Included is the chassis, chair, bassinet and XL basket. 

This Joolz Day 2 will be available to buy in April. 



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