Stuck on you - Back to school

Wednesday, 25th January 2017

Stuck on you - Back to school

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2017 is going to be our year. I bet you’re thinking “yeah ok Bec that is what everyone says in January every single year!” But really I am being serious. We have never been the type to do anything in small doses, when we take on a project it’s all or nothing and 2017 is shaping up to be huge on the work front.

Currently we have two renovations on the go, one almost complete and ready for sale and the other just starting as well as another one due to commence in April. We both work but our most important job is mum and dad and with Archie. He is growing and learning by the day it is important we spend our time with him nurturing his skills and development. His baby days are long gone and he is really starting to communicate with us, we get kisses and cuddles and the occasional word but I can see that his brain is like a sponge at the moment and he is soaking up all the knowledge he can!

So with all of the above happening all at once it is important this mamma bear approaches each day fully prepared and ready to go. My 2017 new year’s resolution is to be organised for myself, my business and my family. Planning is the key to ensure we all lead a productive and fulfilling 2017! First things first I have begun a family planner to get my butt (but really George’s butt) into gear so we both know what is happening day to day and avoid being on the phone to each other unnecessarily.  One of the first signs Archie communicated to us late last year was pretending to be on the phone. Now I understand that in this day and age it is second nature to communicate via mobile in every which way but I have to admit I was a little disappointed that pretending to be on the phone was the first thing he learnt from us …very cute but come on Archie I spend just as much time washing dishes! I wanted to reduce the amount of time I am on the phone and reintroduce some more traditional ways of communication…. enter the family planner.

This is like a calendar where our family can communicate and document everything we are doing day to day and at what time. We are two weeks in and it is one of the best things I have done. I feel better about myself, George feels a little more in the loop and Archie and I make an activity out of filling it in (he is in charge of the stickers and I document the week ahead). With all the reno work we will be managing this year I can already forecast this being a golden choice.

So far Archie says mum, dad and wow. I know he will naturally pick up lots of different words as time goes on but I want to make a conscious effort to really encourage good literacy and numeracy program at home with him. Stuck On You have the most gorgeous back to school gear that I feel suits such a broad age range for kids. I got Archie his own personalised pencils and pens and an activity and learning book for us to complete together at home. At day care they encourage all types of creative play and learning experiences and I feel it is important I do the same at home for him and to be honest he absolutely loves it! Part of our family planning schedule is 30 mins of educational play together a day. This is time for us to work on his speech, counting, colours etc. Stuck On You also have the most adorable flash cards that have proved to be a bit of fun time for Archie and dad to spend together.

Check out Stuck On You for some really cool back to school and everyday items that can help get your family and kids on track for the new year!




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