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Friday, 27th May 2016

DFO Insider

I stillrememberwhen DFO opened their first outlet in Cheltenham when I was younger. It was the place to go if you wanted a good bargainand a one stop shop for it. Literally all the big brands in the one place with sales all yearround!  

I still frequent DFO regularly to shop, I love their home centre and allthebig fashion brands they house and it just feels like a more relaxed shopping experience for me.I was a little excited to receive anexclusive VIP invitation to their Insider launch night recently. Not only was it an excuse to get out of the house but a great excuse to get a little shopping donewithout a pram and husband in tow. 

My interior design mind was impressed with the beautifully styled space.Luscious cascading green walls with brass stools and marble topped tables. Monochrome cushions and fancy canapés. My mother mind was impressed with what DFO was actually launching, their brand new insider program, whichis more than just a membership.  

DFO Insiders will be rewarded with first access to exclusive INSIDER-only offers, shopping events, giveaways, fashion updates and styling tips, plus much more. 

The DFO Insider program is a great incentive for those who lovedesigner products at affordable prices. It's a member exclusive program thatentitles you to exclusive VIP shopping nights, discounts and online styling content. 

The gorgeous SylviaJefferysfrom ‘The Today Show’ is the official ambassador and will be featuring all her style tips and tricks and bargain hunting tactics on theofficialDFO Insider website. The new basement precinct has some awesome designer brands and as part of their insider program you can have access tosecret sales, special events,eDMsand DFO Insider experiences. 

I was greeted at the event with a gorgeous polka dot tote and a gift voucher to treat myself with for the night. Mummy brain took over again andI used my voucher to buy Archie a beautiful outfit (it's true what they say, once you become a mum you never think of yourself first) butI did try every fragrance in the new Victoria Secret store and fished out the Michael Kors store too! 

All the details on how you too can enjoy the new DFO basement precinct and insider program here www.dfo.com.au 


How gorgeous are the items I picked up for Archie from Seed at DFO basement precinct. 


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