Newborn Spring Collection by Pumpkin Patch

Friday, 16th October 2015

Newborn Spring Collection by Pumpkin Patch

Written, styled and photographed by Bec Douros

Getting Baby Douros ready for the world has been so much fun. Setting up the nursery and styling the wardrobe is the part of any pregnancy that we can all honestly say we enjoy!

These days with social platforms like Instagram we can really give our kids style from the moment they enter the world. I am sure you have all heard of Pumpkin Patch! This is one of my favourite go-to stores for everything baby and kids. They bring a bit of much needed Euro chic to the world of baby and toddler wear.  Their adorable range of clothing not only features stunning designs; it’s 100% cotton so it is kind and comfortable to baby’s soft and delicate new skinand better yet you can dress your precious little one head to toe for a reasonable price.

I love that you can intergrade clothing into styling interiors these days. We don’t know if baby Douros is a boy or girl yet but playing around with neutrals can be just as fun as gender specific pieces and they really added to the complete look of our nursery space. I think not finding out the gender has been the best thing for me because I very well could have gone overboard in styling up my little one! Gender neutral pieces are great as they moving way beyond the traditional and basic pink and blue onesie, my favourite range for my spring baby would have to be the counting sheep range which I had a blast styling up at home. The range has variations of adorable overalls and booties as well as your classic onsie with a little sheepish edge. The body suit onsies have an envelope neckline which make it easier to dress and undress your baby.

I thought I would still put together some inspiration for all you mummies out there that couldn’t wait for the surprise and are preparing for a little boy or girl. These are my favourite items from the Sweet Pea ‘girls’ range. The most adorable frilled trims and bloomers, this range screams spring cuteness! The aptly name ‘Dressed to impress’ range for little boys just oozes that sophistication every little boy needs right? Oh what little heartbreakers they will look like in this range!

These gorgeous outfits take the best bits from traditional children’s clothing and tie them in with contemporary trends, so they’re retro as well.  There’s a focus on design, craftsmanship and refinement, and I haven’t found anything else around the traps that’s quite like them! 

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