Sustainable fashion Timber Clutch by Roosters Rook

Thursday, 8th October 2015

Sustainable fashion  Timber Clutch by Roosters Rook

Written by Bec Douros, Images Bec Douros and Brett Danielsen

Roosters Rook has done something I have never ever seen before and I am excited about it. I am also really excited because it is a friend of mine that has really poured blood, sweat and tears (and extremely creative juices) into perfecting a product found NO WHERE on the market and here at Bec Marks The Spot we are showcasing it first! Introducing Roosters Rook who is integrating Australian sustainable timber into fashion.

These timber clutches are Melbourne made and designed by two cousins in their local workshop. When I first heard about the idea over twelve months ago I was intrigued to see how it would all come to life but had no doubt it would be nothing short of amazing. One half of Roosters Rook is my friend Joanne who is a Graphic Designer by trade, she is also a perfectionistic in all that she does (I know first hand from the netball court) and together with her cousin Sharlon Farrugia and architect and timber worker came up with an idea one night that has now transformed into a collaboration of pure genius.


“We are driven by the pursuit of creative freedom and the design process. We both draw on the foundations and design principles developed throughout our individual careers and apply a fusion of ideas, experience and skills to the art of creating our debut product The Genesis timber clutch” says Joanne

Rooster’s Rook believes that today’s consumer understands the impact and importance of making ecologically responsible choices. Therefore they are very proud to produce products that include sustainable materials that are recycled, reclaimed and sustainably harvested. I love that with every hand designed and crafted clutch you receive a card in which you can visit the website and use your individual ID code to track the origin of the timber used to create your clutch.



"We create luxurious timber clutches for women who demand to be noticed. These handmade accessories deliver an individual expression of style that effortlessly attracts attention through its exclusive design, materials and craftsmanship. We debut The Genesis timber clutch in a range of natural hues of warm reds, deep browns to light blondes balanced with a custom range of reflective metals and monochromatic acrylic sides. Geometric in design, Rooster’s Rook The Genesis timber clutch exemplifies form follows function. Visually striking the combination of horizontal and vertical lines works as a functional feature giving the timber its soft unexpected feel. The interior is lined with soft leather and contains a pocket to store valuables. Surprisingly lightweight it can be worn draped over the shoulder as well as comfortable enough to mould into the palm of your hand."


Rooster’s Rook Genesis timber clutch is available in four timber variations including Jarrah, Victorian Ash and Spotted Gum in a Dusk or Dawn option. These four choices are complemented by a selection of side panels ranging from sophisticated  Gold, Silver and Copper metallics,  bold acrylic in Black and White or keep it natural in Timber. With a total of 24 combinations for you to choose from, you’ll be suure to find your perfect match.


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