Inside my home - theatre room aka Man cave

Thursday, 3rd September 2015

Inside my home - theatre room aka Man cave

This is officially the last room to be revealed before our nursery is complete! The theatre room aka ‘the man cave’ is such a treat in our home. We use this space nearly every night where we wind down and watch movies and sport. It is also a great social environment for us as well as we regularly have family and friends over to join us.

The design behind this space was fairly simple, dark and sound proof! We fully soundproofed the space with special insulation and plasterboard to ensure we could enjoy the full cinema experience without disturbing any of the neighbours. We painted everything in a Dulux colour called Domino, it’s a very deep charcoal but not quite black but this really aided in creating the right atmosphere for the room. We decided to paint the return on the door, all the skirts and even the ceiling this colour…big risk but it sure paid off!

The detail in the ceiling is quite a common design feature called a coffered ceiling. It is when the ceiling returns in to create a step. We did this so we could put some feature LED lighting in the ceiling instead of down lights. The only other lighting we have in the room is over our framed movie posters. These are a great little addition to the room to give it a little character.

I am not a huge fan of the typical ‘recliner theatre room’ seats, they just don’t do it for me visually so we opted for our favourite couch in a different colour and just customised the depth so it felt really cosy. It is the same couch we have in our living room downstairs from Meizai.

I didn’t play any part in selecting the actual system for the room, that was something George and his brother took care of, my only requirement was the picture quality which these days is usually really good. The screen size is 110inch and the whole system is from The Good Guys. They are really competitive in price and can order in basically anything you want, which is what they did for us.

So there it is, the theatre room, which has proven to be one of the treasures of our home where we love to unwind as a family.


Image Credit: Elizabeth Allnutt Photography




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