You've got style | Scunci Headbands

Friday, 7th August 2015

You've got style | Scunci Headbands

I have two things that I just can’t seem to get right as I approach 30.

  1. Hair ties – they all break on me
  2. Bobby pins – I always lose them

I know what you are saying…. I hear you sista! So with my luscious locks becoming just a little bit more of an effort with my pregnancy I have turned back to the classic head band. I have always been a headband girl; I think they can be a great accessory with any outfit. I discovered Scunci at my local Big W and liked their range. They add a little something to an outfit but don’t take too much away form it either. The nice colours and plated features are easy to play with and the price is affordable too!

The plaited band:

I layered the two headbands in blue and brown (as they matched my outfit) over one another to create this funky look. Perfect for my day of meetings to keep my hair off my face.

The flat band:

This is the prefect solution when you haven’t washed your hair! So I was due for a hair wash and just didn’t have the time so I just put two of the bands over my head to keep my fridge back and it worked a treat.

The comfy band:

So I may not have been going anywhere on this day (which happens sometimes these days) but this fleecey band did keep my ears warm. It has a nice plaited feature at the front and just looks darn cute.

Check out the full range online here

Banner Image Credit: Terry Doyle 


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