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This bathroom was a lot of work but soooooo worth it!

What a lovely retreat to relax in and even just be in. The set out works and we think it’s the layout that is just as impacting as the actually fittings. The hero piece is the stone bath that weighs a whopping 180kg but was worth the sweat to get it upstairs!

We recycled the left over timber from our black butt flooring to create a beautiful feature wall and timber step that the bath could be displayed on. Getting the dimensions for this step was crucial so we can clean and maneuver around the bath.

images by elizabeth allnut

A lot of people have the misconception that timber rots in wet areas but if applied properly and also sealed properly you will not have an issue. George and I researched this thoroughly to make sure this bathroom would stand the test of time in our home. We had this beautiful macramé light made by Small town. At nighttime it creates a beautiful warmth and shadow over the wall and really adds to the mood of the space.

The large format tiles are the same as what we have carried through in each bathroom to have some consistency but the feature tile in here is the simple white matte hexagon, which we chose to accentuate with the black grout. Funky I say!


All the fittings are from Reece and the flush mounted showerhead in the ceiling is really beautiful to shower underneath. This bathroom was a lot of work for us to complete but cost around 15k with as much labor as possible completed by us. We wanted to splash out the cash in the items that we could enjoy like the bath and showerhead. The shaving cabinet is lined with shelving and the floating vanity provides plenty of storage for when this bathroom is in use by our children.



  • Before you have anything fitted out map out the layout so you can really gauge the space.
  • Give some of the labor a go yourself! It might mean some late nights but you will have more money to splash out on the items you will see.
  • Always and I mean always check over the work of your plumber to avoid leaks and mistakes. It can be very costly if you have to rip up tiles to move pipes.
  • When choosing a bath consider the sizing. Freestanding baths don’t have a standard size and range from 1400 – 2100. Although bigger sounds better, you do not have to over compensate in this area.  By going to big you can a very uncomfortable bath, have trouble with the placement of the spout and make your bathroom seem smaller than it actually it.


Shower screen:

Hexagon tiles:

Large grey tiles: CONCRETE FUSE

Timber: recycled black but timber

All bathroom fittings:



Vanity cabinetry

Timber stool:

Flowers and vase

Soap: gift

Timber wall hooks:


*All images by Elizabeth Allnut Photography for Bec Marks the Spot*









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