Monday, 8th June 2015


Welcome to my creative space where I am sitting right now to prepare this blog. My home office is my creative hub where I run all 3 of my business (as well as the admin for George’s) I have always had a little desk and dreamed of having a space where I can display what ever artwork I want and completely belongs to me!

Initially when designing the layout of our home this was going to be a 4th bedroom and still could be if we decide to grow our family that big. It was also meant to be the front entrance into our home so it would have been quite a pokey sized bedroom. But when we went back and forth with town planning (don’t even get me started on that process) one of the requests from the council was to move the front entrance to the side of the house. This meant that this space became bigger and from this we decided that I could finally have my home office.

There is a beautiful feature corner window that brings so much light into this space. It is draped with floor to ceiling sheer curtains and makes this space such a nice place to work. The desk was the tricky part, due to the corner window this permitted us from placing a desk in front of it, considering this window was such an expense I didn’t really want to be covering it with a desk any way, but I also didn’t want to work facing the back wall. We designed a desk together with Sabrina Shop fitting and it wraps around the back wall and slightly over the window on the drive-way side so I can still enjoy the outside views.

We added some simple American oak exposed shelving for house all of my magazines and supplier books and just decorated the rest really. It is a great space that is big enough for a nice armchair when I have my morning tea before I start work and will also be a space that our kids can complete their home-work in the coming years. I have portable storage, which I purchased from IKEA underneath the desk and they are on wheels so I can move them around if need be.


Things to consider when designing your home office: 

Make sure your desk space is large enough, I make a mess when I work and need to be able to spread things out 

Get a comfortable chair, it is not always about looks but there are still nice alternatives out there. Make sure it is cushioned and supports your back 

If you have space, put a arm chair where you can take a 15 min break without going into other parts of your home where you could get distracte

Think about what desk you buy, sometimes it is nice to custom make something to fit the space


Supplier List



Desk lamp:

Artwork: Bally print  

               Bec print

               Cross print


Side table:

Occasional chair:


wall colour: DULUX vivid white


All images by Elizabeth Allnut Photography for Bec Markst the Spot


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