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I have a lot of family sleep over my house all the time! My elder sister lives in Sydney and frequents often (which I love) and I also have a younger sister who is 16 this year, she stays with me every other weekend. So this guest bedroom is ultimately their space to be honest. Until we have another baby and they are old enough for their own room, this space is for the sistas!

I wanted to create something that was hip and fun but could also transition into a bedroom space for our kids one day (especially if this one is a boy). I re-used my old bedsides from Click-on furniture, which are so handy. We opted for a neutral white and the round shape and 3 compartments for storage work really well. The bed frame is from a company called Sonno and the fabric is beautiful. We went for a nice tweed grey but they also have this amazing wheat colour as well. They are really affordable too! We have had a few friends actually go on to buy the bedframe because it is really hard to find a nice complete piece these days. A lot of the time you can get nice bedheads but this is a great feature of the room. It is also comfortable to lean against too if you are a late night reader little my older sister.

The artwork is a great addition from Blacklist studios and is one of my favourite artworks from their series. The simple foil print framed is really impacting and I think it adds to the funky atmosphere in the room. Adairs actually have this killer bedspread on sale at the moment but I have a secret obsession with Aztec print. It is called ‘Prado’ the soft pink doesn’t feel so feminine as it is contrasted by the gold and black. It is printed on cotton linen natural base and feels beautiful. My youngest sister also loves this bedspread! This also dictated the feel for the room and the simple choices we used to decorate it. The Featherstone style armchair is also from Adairs and it is such a nice addition to the room (really comfy as well)


When decorating your guest bedroom consider the following:

  • Do you have regular guests? I tried to create a space that was a little oasis for my sisters so considered this when styling the room
  • Pick larger items that can be re-used in the future. Like the bedframe, such an interchangeable piece. 
  • Make sure all your finishes are neutral, like white walls and wardrobes. You don’t know how you will transform this space and use it in the coming years.
  • Even though it is a guest bedroom, be smart with your storage. Still integrate a great wardrobe even though most times your guests wont use it. You might need to use it for items you don’t use so often.

 Suppliers List:

Bedspread and linen :









Wall colour: Dulux vivid white


All images by Elizabeth Allnut Photography for Bec Markst the Spot 




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